Why Video is a Must for Digital Marketing

Why Video is a Must for Digital Marketing

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Marketing Is About Change

Marketing Is About Change

The Two Money-Making Functions of Businesses Peter Drucker, often called the father of modern management, famously advised that businesses have only two money-making functions—marketing and innovation. Everything else is an expense, Mr. Drucker said. These two profitable pursuits have one common channel running between them that should drive all business and marketing efforts—change. Innovation creates important changes in the marketplace. And marketing, at its finest, changes consumer behavior. Marketing is About Change Many people, assume that marketing is all about …more

How Simplifying Your Business Marketing Will Create Outstanding Results

Business owners often find themselves entangled in a web of marketing activities without a clear vision of what they’re trying to say.  They believe that if they sprinkle enough money on their marketing seeds, new customers will grow.  What many don’t realize is that watering one clear message will produce better results. Where Did Your Marketing Message Originate? Think back to the beginning days of your business.  It all started with a great idea.  After refining the product or service, …more

Why Internet Marketing is a Requirement to Stay Alive in Business

It’s no secret that almost everyone is online these days.  A recent study found that 78% of Americans use the internet daily.  At one time just having a company website was a good start to staking your claim to a spot in the cyber universe.  Not anymore. Nowadays, an outdated website with no internet marketing behind it might as well be your company’s tombstone. More and more businesses understand that winning the race for new customers means understanding the importance …more

3 Quick Tips to Boost Your Online Marketing

Advertising your business using online marketing is important, but it can be an overwhelming task.  Where do you start?  What method is best to reach more customers online?  There are several strategies you can use for your online marketing plan; you can choose one or several to reach potential customers.  Start with three quick steps to give your online marketing a quick boost. 1. Blogging Blogging can be a great tool to attract new customers and establish yourself as an …more

Stop Wasting Your Brand Assets

Do you know the value of your business’s brand assets?  They are one of the most valuable marketing tools in your kit, don’t waste them!  Many business owners let them ‘happen’ instead of being proactive and evaluating what brand assets they want in their toolbox. What are brand assets? Brand assets are elements aside from your brand name that evoke a memory of your product.  Examples of brand assets include logos, slogans, jingles, spokespeople, mascots and even specific colors and …more

Why You Should Be Spying on Your Competitors

Why do your customers come to you?  Why should they choose you over your competition?  How can you see better results from your marketing? These questions can be easily answered when you arm yourself with competitive intelligence. Using the information you find, you can create a competitive analysis and develop an effective marketing strategy for your business based on the results. There are more ways to compete than on price alone.  By taking time to do a competitive analysis you’ll clearly …more

Split Testing: How It Will Make Your Business More Money

Once you’re happy with your company website, it’s unlikely the first thing you’re thinking about is making changes.  What if you knew that making small changes would make you money?  If you knew that you could improve sales by 27% (like this mobile phone retailer) the idea would be too appealing to walk away from! A great website is the backbone of your online presence. Optimizing your website for maximum conversion is the way to make it work for you.  …more

5 Simple Steps to Beat Your Competition Using a Competitor Analysis

Austin, Texas marketing directors know that if you’re not analyzing your competition, you’re at a disadvantage.  Chances are they’re watching you.  To level the playing field you have to return the favor by performing a competitor analysis. Why Do I Need to Perform a Competitor Analysis? Many businesses are content to settle for second place, copying ideas from their competitors because it’s easier than doing the legwork required to be on top.  Since you’re here, that’s obviously not you! “While …more

Chaos to Clarity: Brand Strategy That Works

If you spied on your business, what would you see? Do all the parts of your business work together to enhance your brand image? Being clear about the market niche you fill and why you do it better than anyone else is the first step on the fast-track to success. When Walt Disney created Disneyland, there wasn’t a doubt what to expect if you went to his park. Whether you heard about a friend’s experience, saw a commercial or received …more