Do you know the value of your business’s brand assets?  They are one of the most valuable marketing tools in your kit, don’t waste them!  Many business owners let them ‘happen’ instead of being proactive and evaluating what brand assets they want in their toolbox.

What are brand assets?

Brand assets are elements aside from your brand name that evoke a memory of your product.  Examples of brand assets include logos, slogans, jingles, spokespeople, mascots and even specific colors and shapes.

When Facebook created its infamous thumbs-up ‘Like’ button, it effectively made the image a valuable part of its brand asset marketing strategy.  Now, you can simply see the icon and a memory of Facebook and the purpose of the image immediately comes to mind.

Why are brand assets important?

When used consistently, brand assets build brand affinity.  They increase recognition for your product or service and invoke a sense of credibility and trust.

Consistency does not mean plastering your logo all over everything and calling your work finished.  In today’s age of digital marketing and video production many assets lose continuity as they’re sized, resized and digitally manipulated until they no longer effectively convey the quality you want associated with your business.  It’s important to maintain consistency in quality and production value for all of your brand assets.

When properly managed, digital assets in high-quality formats and proper sizes maintain the impression of quality that you want for your business.  You’ve likely noticed that in the past, Facebook has changed cover photo sizes, which distorts graphics if the changes aren’t implemented.  We’ve all seen Twitter backgrounds and Google+ header photos improperly sized and skewed into ambiguity.  What does this say about your business?  Is it the image you want to convey?

Taking it a step further, if you’re creating video content and are using video production services to enhance search engine optimization or customer experience, simply throwing a logo at the end of your video and using the same music for each video production isn’t very effective.  You create value you’re your brand when you examine all of your brand assets and carefully incorporate each one thoughtfully into your video production.

Creating a well-executed strategy for brand development includes taking inventory of your brand assets, filling in any missing pieces and applying them to every aspect of your marketing plan.  If you have questions, please leave a comment below or contact a member of our experienced marketing team for a personal evaluation of how a brand asset strategy can add value to your marketing plan.