Business owners often find themselves entangled in a web of marketing activities without a clear vision of what they’re trying to say.  They believe that if they sprinkle enough money on their marketing seeds, new customers will grow.  What many don’t realize is that watering one clear message will produce better results.

Where Did Your Marketing Message Originate?

Think back to the beginning days of your business.  It all started with a great idea.  After refining the product or service, you opened for business.  You likely engaged in several activities to get your business going.

Many business owners get involved in the networking scene, send out promotional materials, run radio or television advertisements and nowadays most have also set themselves up on social media.  If you did it right, before you knew it you needed help!

This is where most companies delegate an employee within the company to take over marketing activities.  If they’re growing fast enough, they hire a marketing manager.

That person is tasked with taking all of the existing marketing activities and maybe even adding a few new ones – all in the name of expanding the customer base. A good marketing manager is worth their weight in gold.  Their expertise can build brand awareness and get more customers in the door.  Success!  Sort of.

Your Business is Growing, Now What?

If your business is trying to grow by adding more marketing activities in order to reach a bigger audience, you may find that the effectiveness of your message becomes diluted.  Between networking, social media, blogging, customer appreciation, promotions, e-mail campaigns, online video productions, online reviews, pay-per-click advertising, television commercials and radio announcements your message can get lost if they’re not all promoting the same simple message.

This is when the overwhelming question “How do I fix this?” come up.  The best thing you can do is stop, stand back and take a long, hard look at exactly what your message is.

How to Simplify Your Marketing

What’s the unique product or service you offer that sets you apart from your competition?  Maybe you’ve been in business since before the dawn of the internet.  Perhaps you pride yourself on the fastest service or an unparalleled customer experience.  Many businesses build a customer base by being supportive of local charities.  Whatever your unique selling point is, own it and integrate it into every aspect of your marketing.

Focusing on a single, simple message allows your business to efficiently use each one of its marketing activities to promote that unique selling proposition.  Whether it’s through an integrated social media campaign, a quality video production or broadcast advertising, having a clear idea of your biggest priority makes your message impactful.

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

Being memorable will keep your customers coming back and will bring new customers in the door.   With a simplified marketing message your target market will have a clear idea of why they should choose your business over everyone else.

Not sure how to start simplifying your brand message?  Contact us, it’s what we do and we’re here to help.  At Quicklight Media, an Austin ad agency, we focus on building brands by simplifying their message, helping them connect with more customers and accelerating their growth.