Our Story

After careers in all corners of the marketing universe, the founders of Quicklight decided it was time to bring a new model of service to young brands and emerging growth companies.

While Fortune 500 companies can pick and choose from a medley of big ad agencies, small and mid-market companies have not had easy access to a full-service platform that helps them grow their business. Small and mid-market companies also need the full package of brand development, advertising, publicity, direct marketing, sales support, and production of multimedia and interactive brand assets.

It was with this comprehensive capacity in mind that after months of planning and careful consideration for the clients they wanted to help, the company founders merged their separate agencies in the winter of 2012 and formed Quicklight.

Focused exclusively on entrepreneurial companies with a penchant for growth, we hire team members that are passionate about finding ways to help our clients not only grow, but outpace their competitors and become leaders in their industry.

One key component to Quicklight’s approach to marketing is its 20+ years of direct sales and marketing experience. This boots on the ground experience in the every day sales process is invaluable for a better engagement with prospective clients.

We understand a brand’s fundamental position, develop core messaging, and design strategic campaigns that grow sales. We listen. Asking the right questions enables us to better understand your business.

Call or email today. Tell us about you, your goals, and what you want to accomplish.

Our Team


Acceleration Architect

Founded Quicklight in 2010


Sr. Creative Director

Joined Quicklight in 2010


Doodle Master

Joined Quicklight in 2012


Media Magician

Joined Quicklight in 2012


Legal Eagle

Joined Quicklight in 2014