It’s no secret that almost everyone is online these days.  A recent study found that 78% of Americans use the internet daily.  At one time just having a company website was a good start to staking your claim to a spot in the cyber universe.  Not anymore. Nowadays, an outdated website with no internet marketing behind it might as well be your company’s tombstone.

More and more businesses understand that winning the race for new customers means understanding the importance of internet marketing to stand out from the sea of competitors.  With Google receiving at least 65% of all search traffic online, those same business owners are all competing to land at the top of search results in order to be seen by potential customers.

If you’re not actively working to market your business online, your bottom line is suffering.  If you’re wondering how to get your website to rank on the first page of Google, the answer is a continuous and well-planned internet marketing campaign.

What Is an Internet Marketing Campaign?

Internet marketing has several parts.  Which methods you choose to use depends on several factors including who your target market is, who your competitors are and what your overall budget is.

At the very least, your internet marketing should include a website created with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.  This means that when search engines send their robots out looking for valuable information to present to their  users, they’ll locate your website for all the right reasons.   If you’re selling vehicle bicycle racks, you want to be sure there’s lots of information on your website that pertains to every aspect of vehicle bicycle racks that potential customers might look for.

Expanding Your Marketing Campaign

As your internet marketing campaign grows, it should include a system to insure that your website is consistently growing with valuable content.  Internet search engines prefer websites that aren’t ‘dead.’  If your site hasn’t been updated in a year, those search engine robots will put out a tombstone and virtually skip you over.  They want to present their search engine visitors with content that’s new and fresh – from a website with a heartbeat!

Beyond that there are multiple avenues you can pursue to expand your internet marketing.  From enhanced search engine optimization to social media marketing and digital advertising there are lots of ways your business can take advantage of the millions of people searching for services and products every day online.

More Visibility

The more visible you are, the more business you’ll have.  It’s that simple.  If potential customers are finding your competitors online before they find you, your competitors are getting business that should be yours!

The Internet Never Sleeps

Nothing beats having your marketing continue to work while you’re sleeping.  With an active internet marketing presence including digital campaigns, social media marketing and an informative and engaging website your brand will be reaching customers whenever they’re ready to find you – even if that time is while your business is closed.

If the idea of expanding your customer base appeals to you but seems overwhelming, find a partner you trust to lend a hand.  We’re experts at Austin internet marketing campaigns and would love to talk.  We’d be happy to create a marketing plan designed specifically for your business and work with you to make sure you’re seen by potential customers every day.