You’ve successfully attracted a potential customer to your website.  Now that they’re there, it’s your job to be sure they have the best possible experience and find what they’re looking for.  One way to encourage website visitors to spend more time browsing your website is by featuring a quality video on your website.

Advances in entry-level camera technology have put the ability to create videos in the hands of the masses.  What it has not given everyone are the skills necessary to effectively use video for marketing their business!

Is your video content making the grade?

Sure, a video production shot in your office against a white wall is technically a video, but what are the odds your target customer will find it engaging enough to watch?  Is the lighting interesting?  Does the subject matter provide information that your customer will find useful?  Is the video content and design entertaining?

A quality video production by a reputable Austin digital media agency has been proven to increase conversions and sales.  Investing in quality marketing messages, like videos, will have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

Why should I hire an Austin digital agency to create my video production?

Invodo recently reported that professionally produced video content outperforms user-generated content by up to 30%.  Grab a piece of paper and do some quick math.  One on side list your projected sales for the next year.  On the other side, figure out 30% of that number.   Now take into account that your video will perform for years to come.  Still want to stand by a wall and have a salesman or intern shoot that video for you?!

A team of people with creative and visionary ideas can help you effectively convey the value of your product to your customers.  Lighting sets mood, music adds energy, images and text can provide further impressions of your key message.  And that’s just scratching the surface of what it takes to set your business apart with video.

Why should I use videos for online marketing?

Many businesses have reported immediate increase in conversions and sales after including videos on their website.   Kissmetrics, a company that specializes in tracking and reporting on marketing trends, recently shared a story about Stacks and Stacks which sells homewares online.  Analytics illustrated a 144% increase in sales when website visitors watched their professionally created videos online.

It’s important to clearly define the purpose of your video production.  Is it to educate consumers, provide an explanation of how your product works, get people excited about your product or to illustrate the culture of your company?

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so be sure the video production you’re presenting matches your company’s image.

Questions about using videos on your website?  Want to create a killer video that makes your customers wonder how they can possibly go on for another day without your product? Drop us a line, we’re here to help.