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Video Uniquely
Connects Customers

Connecting emotionally to a brand is often
a key element in consumer decision process.

Engage Your

Over 80% of Internet users watch videos online. Video is more engaging than plain text, which means viewers spend more time absorbing the message.

Using videos in online marketing also increases conversion by 20%-40%. Search engines like video content so much it’s 53%
more likely to be shown on the first page (Forrester Research).

Common Types of
Business Video

Brand Story

Our brand story videos are designed to creatively showcase your company. Frequently used on websites and in social media outreach, these unique video productions are intended to make a strong impression on your customers. They can also be used effectively in sales presentations and marketing campaigns to showcase the culture of a company.

Internet Video Ads

Video advertisements are a cost-effective way to build your business and generate sales leads. The fastest growing segment of online video content, they are effective for all types of online programming. With the ability of target specific audiences, internet video ads are quickly replacing the need for expensive brodcast televison commercials.

Broadcast TV Commercials

Television commercials continue to dominate many businesses' multimedia marketing efforts. Reaching massive audiences means creativity and impact are essential to effectively tell a brand's story
an remain in consumers' minds. Our production team has worked
with some of the biggest global brands to create world class commercials with lasting impact that don't break the bank.

Product Videos

Designed to showcase how a product performs, product videos range from general to specific. They increase consumer confidence and have been shown to increase conversion rates by as much as 40%, resulting in increased product sales.

Content Videos

The most economical type of multimedia assets, content videos are designed to generate maximum SEO and consumer engagement. After creating hundreds of content videos for businesses across the country, our team has streamlined the process to economically produce quality content videos for those on tight budgets.


Whether you need a DVD, a television program or a training video,
our production team has many years of experience working for
clients around the world to create quality long format videos on-
time and on-budget.


Our cinematic style, big brand experience, and HD video capabilities make us your best choice for video production. Our Creative Director, Glenn Martin, provides over 20 years experience working in advertising, music videos, audio production, documentary, event, corporate video, film, videography, and photography.

We incorporate our expertise in every production, creating a professional product that you’ll be proud to have representing your brand. For smaller projects, we provide in-house creative development, as well as, pre- and post-production work, which can keep costs down.

You will see, hear and feel the difference that Quicklight makes!

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