Thinking about creating an online video for your website to show potential customers what your product is all about?  Often called explainer videos, they are usually 60-120 seconds long.  Designed to illustrate the value of your product and service, they engage people more than text on a page.  They can also increase search traffic, influence website conversions and ultimately drive revenue for your business.

Creating a 60-90 second video sounds simple, right? Grab a friend, head out and start talking to the camera.  You could take that approach, but it won’t be as effective as an explainer video created with a plan.  Research has shown that viewers who watch a video about a product are 64% – 85% more likely to make a purchase. Think about the value this video could create for your business.  It’s important to approach it thoughtfully.  This is pretty important stuff!

Tip 1: Keep it Interesting

This tip is tops in our book.  None of your work creating an explainer video matters if it’s boring!  Infuse some personality and energy into your video.  Use cool and appropriate music.  Add visual text elements.  Include facts and figures if they’re relevant.  Whatever you do, don’t make it boring!  Viewers are giving you their time and they want to be entertained.  The worst thing you can do is bore them.

Tip 2: Answer a Question

Figure out an important need your clients have and then use your video to illustrate how your product fills their need.   Why is your product the best? How is it going to simplify their life? What does it do that will make them more money or save them time? Remember that beyond just talking to your viewer, it’s important to show them.  Use an example or demonstration to illustrate your product in action.  Share your passion about your product with your viewer.  Passion sells!

Tip 3:  Keep Quality in the Equation

If your video isn’t well-thought out with a good script and solid video production and editing, it can lessen the viewer’s perceived quality of your product.  Take the time to plan a good background for camera shots and to dress appropriately.  Create a good script and practice it until it feels natural and genuine.  Text, music and graphics used in the video should all be clean and match the theme of your video.  Quality doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive, but it does take good planning and quality execution.

Tip 4: Know Your Goal

What’s the ultimate goal of creating your marketing video? Do you want the viewer to purchase a product?  Inquire about your service by e-mail?  Follow you on social media?  Tell a friend?  It’s important to let people know what you’d like them to do, and address it in your video.  Make it simple for them to perform the desired action and tell them how to do it.  Should they go to a specific store? Follow a link on your website? Call a certain phone number? Making it simple for them to take the next step improves the likelihood that they’ll follow through.

When you plan ahead, the time you spend creating a marketing video will be well spent and the end result will have far-reaching results.  In addition to posting the video on your website you can share it through social media channels and directly with potential clients.  A quality video production will provide more traffic to your website, higher rankings on search engines and ultimately, more conversions and sales. If you’re not sure where to start, give us a call.  We’d be happy to help.