Video content is vital in today’s marketing environment.  As more consumers choose video as their preferred method of online information consumption, businesses that don’t provide it will be overlooked.  Video marketing is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

Why Should I Use Video to Market My Business?

52% of consumers say that watching video makes them more confident in their purchasing decision.  While images, great content and a well-executed website all impact buying choices, video provides an opportunity to cultivate personal connections that no other medium can match.

First contact with your potential customers often happens digitally.  One way to move beyond a keyboard-to-human interaction is to share more about your company or product using quality video production.  Austin based businesses will find themselves increasingly exposed to the need for video content with the recent announcement that Google Fiber will soon be setting up shop in town. A faster connection to information means higher expectations for video content.

Can I Create Business Videos Myself?

Most people have access themselves, or through friends, to someone with a camera that will create a quality marketing video. What most business owners don’t understand is that creating a low-quality video is detrimental to your branding and reputation.

Videos that represent your business require more than great lighting, good graphics and quality editing.  (If you don’t have those, you’re doomed from the start!)  Content produced by a digital marketing agency that understands the importance of helping you clearly define your message and make the most of the short time-span available to make an impression is the key between a video production that works to drive business and one that has little or no impact.

Beyond understanding the logistics of shooting the video, a professional will work with you to ensure that the length is engaging and it has a proper call-to-action element.  The goal is to drive business, not just provide entertainment.  A marketing agency that provides video production understands how to create videos that will bring you more business.

Today’s consumers expect higher quality than the ‘reality television’ content videos that have become commonplace.  Each time you position yourself in front of a customer, you’re giving them an impression of your brand.  Do you want a home-video presentation or a professional video that aligns with the reputation you’ve worked hard to achieve?

If you have questions about video marketing, or how you can get started creating quality video production in Austin for your business, contact us.  We’re here to help!