Once you’re happy with your company website, it’s unlikely the first thing you’re thinking about is making changes.  What if you knew that making small changes would make you money?  If you knew that you could improve sales by 27% (like this mobile phone retailer) the idea would be too appealing to walk away from!

A great website is the backbone of your online presence. Optimizing your website for maximum conversion is the way to make it work for you.  Often, what a majority of visitors find appealing is very different than a business owner’s personal preference. Determining which minor changes to make can be accomplished using split testing.

What is Split Testing?

Split testing (also called A/B testing or Multivariate testing) involves creating two versions of an element on your website and tracking which version gets the best results.  With the tools now available for digital marketers, this process is easier than ever before.

A test can be run on which type of header text is most effective, which images work best in a call-to-action element or which of two header graphics works best.

Why Use Split Testing?

The goal of split testing is to ensure that visitors are being shown the most effective offers and content when they visit your website.  By utilizing search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads and other effective marketing strategies you’ll drive more traffic to your website, but what do you want them to do when they get there? Are they supposed to make a purchase?  Download an eBook?  Follow you on social media channels?  All of these are great examples of desired results that can be maximized through split testing.

Split testing can be thought of similar to getting people in the front door of your store.  With productive marketing efforts you can get them there, but to maximize your opportunity for profit you need to show them what to do once they arrive.  Using techniques that show you the most effective sales tool for your website is like training your salespeople to highlight your most profitable products.

How Can Split Testing Benefit My Company?

Be sure to run your split test long enough to see which version is statistically driving the most conversions.  It can be tempting to cut the test short when you start seeing results, but frequently a longer test is necessary to get accurate information.

Testing might sound expensive but when you add up the value of potentially lost sales you’ll quickly see that it’s a wise investment.

If you have questions about A/B testing for your business, please contact us.  We’d love to help you improve your bottom line.