Social Media Marketing is pushing out marketing messages or promotions through social media connections, profiles, and ads. This is frequently interpreted by your customers as spam, and the response rate suffers considerably.

Social media optimization is a promotional tactic that focuses on growing brand visibility, brand affinity, and consumer engagement through the use of interactive media channels, profiles, and tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest and more.

SMO should be thought of as a combination of word-of-mouth advertising, customer relations, relationship networking, and public relations. Notice the heavy emphasis on disciplines related to relationships. This space requires nurturing and finesse in the same way as traditional publicity and direct sales.

How To Know If Social Media is Working

What does any of the hard work & investment matter if you don’t know the results?

Analytics help grow the success of your interactive media efforts. Our monthly analysis and reporting provides the data needed to make knowledgeable decisions on what to do next, with whom, when, and in what places.
• Track your top referring sites to your blog or website.
• Get a month-by-month snapshot of interactive performance to gauge follower and fan growth.
• Dissect monthly traffic to determine who’s returning, who’s unique, and what content is driving specific behaviors.
• Monitor the conversion of your traffic into new leads.

Do you need help finding the best balance between direct marketing and branding through social media?  Contact us, we’ll get your social media working hard for you!