If you spied on your business, what would you see? Do all the parts of your business work together to enhance your brand image?

Being clear about the market niche you fill and why you do it better than anyone else is the first step on the fast-track to success.

When Walt Disney created Disneyland, there wasn’t a doubt what to expect if you went to his park. Whether you heard about a friend’s experience, saw a commercial or received a promotion from a travel agent the message was the same: fun and fantasy. After almost 60 years the business marketing message hasn’t changed.

How to Create an Effective Brand Strategy

The idea of creating a lasting image and identity for your business is overwhelming.  You have work to do and a business to run!  It’s easier than you think to create a plan that will have lasting benefit and simplify your business marketing.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney Click to Tweet

Clarity is Only Three Steps Away

1.  Not Just a Logo

Your brand is not your logo. Many businesses are so busy with daily operations that they fail to set aside time to form a clear brand strategy plan. The result is an inconsistent message. Many companies find themselves following ideas that frequently change, which leaves their customers in the dark about what to expect. What sets your brand apart? What makes you unique? Focus on those ideas and build every interaction with your customers around that premise. Develop a strategy that clearly illustrates a cohesive image for your company.

From your website and social media presence to your customer service and product presentation, your unique vision must be clearly evident. Like Walt Disney, your customers should know exactly what to expect whether their first encounter is a visit to your website or an interaction with a person in your office.

2.  Personality

An effective way to begin forming a brand strategy is to create a brand personality. Customers identify with experiences and personality is the driving force behind positive experiences. With 1000s of online retailers, you don’t have to think long to realize what Amazon’s brand personality is. Fast, efficient, great customer service and an inventory of almost anything you could ever want to buy online. Simplicity is their personality. Whether your business is new with a few employees or well-established in the marketplace, encourage every member of your team to align with the personality that defines your business.

3.  Positioning

Because their customers know what to expect, and because their brand has never changed, Amazon has grown into the largest online retailer in the world. By examining the entirety of your brand you create a unique identity for your business that sets it apart from its competition. Consistency is critical when developing a brand. When your customers know what to expect and have the same experience every time, they’ll keep coming back. If you have never asked yourself “What do my customers think of my brand?” then it’s time to examine your brand strategy. A vital part of building a successful business, it impacts every aspect of your digital marketing.

Helping businesses develop branding strategies is what we do. If you’d like to talk to our branding expert, drop us a line. We’d be happy to help.