Is Digital Marketing a Gamble?

It’s no secret that the digital world is becoming more intertwined with nearly every aspect of life and business. Nowhere is this truer than in the advertising world where digital marketing is more important than ever.Internet and email use are essential to our daily activities, and digital agencies that focus on advertising and communicating on these platforms are becoming more important to business. Analytics and online tracking systems allow businesses to successfully measure ROI on digital marketing campaigns, reducing the guesswork factor that can accompany traditional marketing channels.

The use of digital marketing approaches has steadily increased and the takeover of these tactics shows no sign of slowing down soon. In fact, digital advertising work accounted for almost half, or 41 percent, of ad agency revenue. From 2014 to 2015, digital revenue increased nearly 14 percent for U.S. agencies. Ten years ago, digital work only brought in around a quarter of agency revenue.

As the demand for digital work grows, both traditional advertising agencies and specialized digital shops are competing for the chance to help companies make an impression online. So what sets agencies that have a digital focus apart from more traditional agencies? And how could a digital agency help your business keep up and compete in today’s dynamic market?

What is digital marketing?

The word “digital” can encompass many products, services and technologies when it comes to electronic devices. The term is equally immense when it comes to advertising. Digital advertising services can include social media marketing, search engine optimization, web building and design, online advertising, email marketing, inbound marketing and online content creation, pay-per-click, digital branding, and more.

Digital advertising agencies might focus on one or two specialty services, or their offerings could run the gamut of ever-changing marketing tactics involving the internet and developing technology.

Why does specialization matter?

By specializing in services and content tailored for the online world, agencies with a digital focus can have the upper hand against traditional advertising agencies when it comes to new media marketing. A focused expertise can greatly help clients trying to navigate digital marketing—a field that is quickly, and constantly, changing.

For an example of how quickly the digital world develops, consider just one small aspect of a company’s online presence – social media.

Only a few short years ago, Facebook ruled the roost and a company could get by with just mastering that outlet. But now, it seems a new major social media contender enters the scene every year—think Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, and Snapchat.

When you consider how quickly these shifts occur and over how many different platforms at once, having experts who can help direct online marketing priorities and strategies seems suddenly much more important, and trying to navigate the field alone seems much more overwhelming.

A digital agency can prioritize the complex world of online advertising, which can be a huge benefit to having a digital agency on your side. Tackling each and every online approach at once is usually not an option for companies, both logistically and financially. So where do you start? Digital agencies can help companies narrow down the field and decide where companies need to focus their digital marketing efforts for the best ROI.

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