PR is important part of marketing strategyTraditionally, larger companies devote a portion of their budget to public relations, or PR, by hiring experts, either in-house or through a public relations firm, to manage the company’s messaging. The communication needs of a larger company can be time consuming and costly, especially if the strategy includes crisis communication.

Most small companies avoid investing in PR and place an emphasis on traditional marketing or advertising to spread the word about a company’s services, but both are necessary. Marketing, especially digital marketing, provides a visual aspect to putting a company’s brand in the right place, but PR provides additional benefits that compliment a marketing strategy. If a small company plans to grow, here are three reasons why that company needs PR included in an overall marketing strategy:

1) Relationships

Any relationship starts with a conversation. Through a conversation, people learn more about each other. If an interesting connection is made, the conversation continues and a relationship is formed. The same is true for public relations. After all, think about those two words. “Relations”hips are made with the public. PR can make connections between the company and the public that a smaller company needs to grow, but doesn’t have the resources to implement. Any messaging used in PR should keep in mind marketing messages so they are consistent with the overall brand. Consistency in a message creates familiarity and can help with credibility.

2) Credibility

Sharing a company’s message through PR provides the chance to build credibility. Through a well-told story, a company not only presents why the public should consider the company’s services but it also has the chance to share its expertise. The combined use of industry knowledge, data, and other facts positions the company as experts in an industry. It takes a skilled PR person to harness opportunity and leverage this messaging to a company’s advantage with the right audience and timing.

3) Opportunity

A successful PR campaign must take advantage of opportunity. This means sharing the right message, at the right time, through the right spokesperson, and targeted to the right audience. For example, in the 1990s when dolphins were caught in nets used by tuna fisherman, Heinz’s StarKist heavily promoted its change in fishing practices through a well-timed campaign that launched shortly after the news about the dolphins spread. The campaign was so successful that other fishermen followed the practices launched by Heinz.

Heinz is clearly a large company, but having a PR professional watch for messaging logistics can boost the exposure for a company of any size.

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