Content is King. Content is King. Content is King.   You’ve heard it all before, starting with Bill Gates over a decade ago.

But, are you using content marketing effectively??

87% of companies are not.

That’s a shame.  While content marketing is an approach that was just gaining traction a decade ago, it now dominates the way consumers interact with brands.

Recent content marketing research found that 84% of people expect brands to produce meaningful content. 

So, the effectiveness of content marketing isn’t being questioned, but it is certainly being underutilized by less experienced companies.

A recent survey of marketing executives found that even for those who are using content marketing, ONLY 12% feel they have optimized their content marketing strategy.

The reality is stark. Most companies have difficulty attracting their audiences with persuasive content.  Besides thinking about WHAT content is best, marketers also have to think about HOW the online audience consumes content.

More than ever, the answer is video.