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Social Media is
All Grown Up

Over 82% of adults aged 18-29 and 60% of those under 50 utilize social networking. Facebook has over 800M users that spend an average of 23 minutes per day on the site. Facebook surpasses Google in weekly search traffic in the US. YouTube is the 2nd most searched site on the entire Internet. Twitter has over 27M tweets per day and the average user’s age is 37.

70% of consumers said a positive referral from a friend on Facebook would influence their purchase.

The challenge for businesses is how to capitalize on this rapidly expanding opportunity. Our team of experienced social media experts is here to help.

The Good
'Ole Days

In the early days of social media, the focus was on making and maintaining relationships through personal communication. As interactive sites grew
and added new features, specific business strategies emerged that require building an always-on, publicly accessible persona to connect with clients and prospects.

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Today, businesses of all sizes use interactive media to:

  • Be Visible: Gain larger brand awareness (interactive publicity).

  • Manage Reputation: Understand what you're doing
    right and improve what you're doing wrong by listening to the people who matter the most - your customers.

  • Analyze: Measure & improve brand activity by seeing what resonates with your customers in real-time.

  • Improve: Listen to customers & get better at what
    you do.

  • Advertise: With unprecedented levels of demographic and psychographic insight.

  • Sell: Through existing clients and referral opportunities.

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