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It was not too long ago that a phone was just ... a phone. Today, a "smart phone" has everything: business directory, email, camera, text messaging, maps, weather, video camera, and, oh yeah, a few MILLION apps to do just about anything.

All of this, fitting nicely in the palm of your hand. Very Cool!

Soon, the same capacity (and more) will be a part of every other electronic device we use. Even devices that are not currently used for media will be equipped with SPI technology.

Are You Ready?

SPI is all around us and is becoming part of our lives, whether you recognize it or not. Smart phones are leading the "smart media" trend that will make all types of content accessible from virtually any device. But smart phones are only the beginning.

Most TV's today are coming equipped with Internet access capacity. People are using their computers to access traditional TV programming. And, touch pad devices will soon be the norm.

Good-bye keypads. Hello Voice Recognition Software and instant video calls to friends & family, well, anywhere.

What's Your SPIQ?

Every business should review their current media strategy, digital assets, and capacity to connect with customers through SPI.

We can help. Our team of dedicated and passionate digital media experts are tuned into the technology and trends associated with SPI.