About Us

Quicklight Media

What happens when you combine the Internet and broadcast media?

The result is loosely being called Internet TV. Make note that it will not just be another stepping-stone. This will be the future of media and how we consume and share information. We call it Single Point Interface (or SPI).

Broadcast media veterans and Internet marketing experts formed Quicklight Media to help businesses capitalize on SPI.

In 2012, we saw the trend of traditional and Internet media coming together. But, we think Internet TV is only the beginning. We see a future with all electronic devices sharing a common access of information and communication. Our clients realize that leveraging these technologies is one of the easiest ways to get an edge with their customers.

We use digital media innovations to improve our clients’ top line revenue.

Quicklight Specialties

Serving Growing Companies

If you want to grow, stats quo won't cut it. We understand the challenges young and expanding companies face and realize the opportuntiies that exist. We'll help you move beyond the status quo to build revenue like nevere before.

Telling Your Story

Every business is built on a unique story. Today consumers are making choices based on more than just the popularity of a product. By combining your story with your product you csn reach customers in a whole new way. A way that builds relationships and customerss for life.

Combining Tactics

An effective marketing approach in today's digital world requires an approach that embraces opportunities ranging from commercials to social media and all points in between. Businesses who rely on a single platform are losing exposure to potential clients. We'll help you find the best approach to reach your customers and focus on what works for you and your budget.

Single Point Interface (SPI)

As the Internet and traditional media merge, forward-thinking companies must be one step ahead of their customers to stay current in today's marketplace. As television, mobile devices, and computers become increasingly interactive, so must businesses who want to succeed. We'll show you how SPI can help you reach your customers in a whole new way.

Why Our Clients Hire Us

Organic Visibility: 73%

Advertising: 88%

Marketing: 96%

Interactive: 65%

Asset Development: 82%

Video Production: 75%



Brand Warrior

With more than 20 years of experience providing accountability driven results, Dean knows what it means to make sure every campaign is performing to its highest capacity.

From his origins working for Tony Robbins' company, Robbins Research International, he has grown several business ventures in fields ranging from medically oriented fitness to commercial banking.

His passion for helping small businesses reach their full potential led him to join forces in creating a full-service media solutions company known as Quicklight Media.



Creative Wise Guy

His experience working as an advertising agency producer for a large LA-based agency provides Glenn with experience working in production, design, and creative concepting. This gives Quicklight Media the opportuntiy to bring large advertising agency expertise to local companies.

His creative experience spans for over 20 years and includes working as director, editor, and executive producer on television campaigns for clients including, Neutrogena, Vans Shoes, Plantronics, GMC, Visa, Bank of America, ABC Television, Intel, Fox Sports, Lexus and dozens of others.



Production Oracle

To say that John's work includes the who's who of film would be an understatement. He has a long and storied career in an industry full of big names, without seeking the spotlight for himself.

As a seasoned expert in the full production process, he has an uncanny ability to ask just the right questions. John has a subtle way of disarming anyone that sits in the interview chair. He can uncover key points which increase the impact of the message and take a video from being workable to memorable.



Interactive Clairvoyant

With an extensive background in interactive marketing and digital analytics, Faith understands what it takes to be successful in today's online marketplace. Knowing that online media trends are constantly changing, her expertise is continually evolving to keep our clients on the cutting edge of engagement with their audiences.

Her marketing background provides a solid foundation to ensure that online campaigns are working effectively. Cheerfully working hard with every customer, she merges their business vision and personality into a successful & extensive media presence.



Artistic Angler

Trained through countless hours poring over pixels and design, Matt brings diligence and perfection to every project he works on. His experience working on projects ranging from 3D animated videos to large-scale print projects gives him a wide range of expertise to draw on in creating original, high-quality designs for his customers.

His talent for visualizing layout perfection and the importance of a quality user experience illustrates his years of experience working in all aspects of digital and print design.